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Making schools beautiful

Across the country, Revize is revolutionizing the way schools interact with students, parents, teachers, and staff.

Our goal is to make our clients’ websites truly beautiful. And we have a cabinet full of awards that stand as a testament to our mastery of design. But functionality and navigability are also important components of beautiful user experience.

We are proud of the trophies and plaques we have won, but nothing is more beautiful to the Revize team than our roster of 1,400 very satisfied clients and the positive word-of-mouth advertising they generate for us every day.

Making schools accessible

Schools serve a diverse base of students, parents, and teachers and their websites must reflect that. Revize makes all of our sites easily accessible to all no matter what technology they are using to access them. By that measure, there’s no question that Revize school website designs have made our clients more successful.

But as technology has changed, so too must schools change the way they reach out to the individuals who rely on them. This is why Revize continues enhancing our technology, regularly adding new features that enable our clients to most effectively serve their users and manage their website content.

Making schools different

At Revize, we are committed to making your website stand out among the nearly two billion websites on the World Wide Web today.

As daunting as that might sound, Revize has learned over the years that the formula for success is pretty simple: great ideas executed with determination. That’s been our philosophy since we were founded in 1995 and it has served our clients well throughout that time.

Our innovative web design, cutting-edge web content management system (CMS), and an ingenious suite of web applications go a long way toward allowing our school clients to make a difference in people’s lives.

Development Team

From project outset, we work carefully with our clients to ensure that every aspect of the development and launch process goes according to plan. Initial meetings establish client needs and expectations so that development can proceed based on well-defined parameters. From there, the Revize team works hand-in-hand with our clients so that everything proceeds according to the initial development blueprint. Of course, client changes are a natural part of the development process, and the Revize methodology was configured to provide the perfect balance of structure and flexibility.

Here at Revize, we love the latest technology! Our development team is comprised of the most experienced senior engineers, seasoned JAVA/PHP developers and dynamic young web developers, all of whom are experts in front end technologies including HTML, CSS and JavaScript. We are proud to serve our clients in developing simple solutions using the latest web based technologies, aimed at making their lives easier and helping them function better. It is always satisfying and we feel fortunate to be a contributor in this constantly changing technological landscape.

- Akshaya Ray, Chief Technology Officer

Data Migration Team

Revize understands that nothing is more important to our clients than the data on their websites. With Revize handling your data migration, the process will be seamless. Site visitors will be delighted with your new site design and your team can rest assured that the information from your old site has migrated flawlessly to your beautiful new site. You will also sleep easier knowing that your data is stored securely on servers located on premises equipped with card-reader access, security cameras and guards on duty 24/7. Our web and network administrators monitor network activity 24 hours a day to maintain system integrity and protection against threats that could corrupt your website or block user access.

Our dedicated migration team, with experience gained through work on thousands of websites, takes great care in transferring content to your new Revize website. We understand that all information has a target audience, and we work with our clients to design a page structure that reaches each element of that audience, whether it’s residential, business community or visitors. The migration team’s goal is to present your content in your beautiful new website, ready to go live, with you and your community in mind.

- Jason King, Lead, Data Migration Team

Design Team

There’s a lot more to website design than meets the eye. Your site needs to look clean and sophisticated while making it easy for visitors to navigate. But it’s equally important that your staff be able to add, delete and modify content with the click of a mouse. The numerous design awards Revize has won stand as testament to how highly esteemed we are among industry professionals. But the ongoing commendations from our clients are what really keep us going. Over the past quarter century, Revize has transformed from an innovative new CMS company into one of the industry’s premier web design and web content management companies specializing in meeting the needs of municipalities, educational institutions and non-profit organizations.

Design and development are constantly evolving, and learning new methods and practices gives us a “geeky” excitement. What we truly enjoy most is that we can create what is considered to be art, but at the same time serves a very functional purpose.

- Samir Alley - Creative Director

Sales Team

One of the keys to Revize’s stellar reputation is our integrity. We are 100% committed to remaining fully transparent in all of our sales and marketing efforts. Our pricing is highly competitive and all quotes are guaranteed. From project inception, we work with our clients to establish realistic timelines for the work to be completed. Account representatives are accessible to clients throughout the development and launch process, and well beyond, ensuring that issues are resolved in a timely manner. Award-winning websites are the means we employ to meet our true production goal: Satisfied clients.

We have received many compliments from our clients because our sales team will suggest the solutions they need and does not try to sell them what they don't want. Eliminating high pressure sales tactics opens the door for our clients to comfortably talk with us on a frequent basis to make sure they're communicating to their residents in the appropriate manner. In summary, Revize is looking for a long-term relationship with our clients, not just a one-off sale.

- Joseph Nagrant, Sales & Business Development Director

Marketing Team

The most beautiful and useful website on the planet won’t benefit anyone if it’s also the world’s best-kept secret. The Revize marketing team has the expertise you need to ensure that everyone who needs to use your site knows where to find it. One of the keys to our clients’ success is our proficiency in Search Engine Optimization. Revize understands how subtly finessing our clients’ sites can ensure that they appear at the top of the results on all the major search engines. Higher rankings translate directly into more site visits and a better user experience. In addition, the Revize platform includes a comprehensive line of popular social media applications and networking to make it easy for your staff to keep site visitors in the loop.

Websites are unique to each client but the same basics are true for all: ease of use and performance. Assuring the web experience fulfills the expectations of your audience is the key to success. Revize’s marketing team seeks to assist clients who are struggling to manage their website. We offer governments and other public sector agencies the ability to explore the most innovative solutions to optimize the experience between the website visitor and serving agency.

- Barbara Anderson, Lead, Marketing Team

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