Well-Designed Private School Websites: How to Connect With Your Potential Clients.

Just like any other business, websites are important for private schools too. School websites have become exceptionally important for schools during the pandemic. We have some of the best ways to reach school clients in the latest blog.

December 23, 2021

Just like any other business, websites are important for private schools too. School websites have become exceptionally important for schools during the pandemic. After all, school websites are the main way that parents or students get information. Before any student or parent visits the physical school grounds, they prepare by visiting the school's website to gather information. The school's website lets people have a virtual look into the school atmosphere, and find the information they need before they enroll themselves or their kids into the school.

Before the pandemic, some school websites simply had some basic information like term dates, school rules and regulations, school uniform rules, and how to enroll students. However, in the past two years, private school websites have become increasingly crucial for success just like other e-commerce websites during the pandemic. Only well-designed websites can help your schools’ dreams come true.

If you are running an academy, institute, or school, know how important a website is for reaching out to thousands of potential clients out there. If your school website is not bringing positive results, there’s a chance your school website might be lacking in some areas.  In simpler words, you need to change or improve your school website design to generate a positive impression on people researching the school.

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Your school website needs to be a website people can easily access and one that they can connect with to gather all relevant information.   Below is a list of important attributes for school websites to have:

  • Teachers, staff, and faculty profiles and contact
  • Calendars for school activities and schedules
  • Dress code policies for all the students
  • School news
  • Information on school extra-curricular activities
  • Photos of students, teaching faculty, and other staff
  • Board of Education resources
  • Links to school social media accounts


Having the above list of things on your school website will help ensure you’re following best practice standards. If you go for a school website redesigning service, there are a few things apart from the above-mentioned ones that you should make sure that your website has.

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Factors That You Should Keep in Mind While Redesigning Your Website

  • First Impression Always Counts

As you know, the first impression is everything when you are reaching out to your potential clients. It’s an old rule of thumb, even for school websites. As mentioned earlier, parents and students get to know more about your school via your website. That's why you must hire a good school website design company and take the first steps towards accomplishing school website success.

  • Mobile-Friendly Website

No matter where your school is, the website needs to be responsive so it fits into the screen of the users' device. In other words, your website has to be mobile-friendly so that people can easily access your website from anywhere using any device.

  • Connectivity and Brand Recognition

If you are running a school, it is a part of the job to have an excellent website that reaches out to many people and connects them with the school. As you get connected to more people, your brand awareness will increase and more people will begin to recognize your school just by the name. The first step remains the same, i.e., having a good private school website design for your school.

  • Navigating the School Website

It’s always a plus to have a user-friendly navigable website. It helps the visitors know how they can find what they are looking for easily. So, if your school website is well-navigable, parents and students can easily land on the page where they want to go without digging through the pages.

Over to You

If you want to get connected to more new people for your school, you should think about changing or improving your private school website design. If you want to give your school website a modern fresh design that follows best practice standards, hire a school website designing company like ours. At Revize schools, we have a team of trained and skilled web designers who have years of knowledge in web design and can help you achieve your goals as a school. To find out more about school website design, feel free to reach out to Revize Schools today for a quick demo.


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