4 Essential Features of a School Website

Check out the 4 essential features of a school website. Learn the importance of web design for schools, and how you can achieve the ideal website for your school too.

January 17, 2022


With a significant shift to the digital world, people have grown accustomed to digital access to everything around them. Digitization has made life easier and convenient for all of us. Advanced electronic gadgets like smartphones are sufficient to connect and communicate through digital means. For almost every professional and commercial business, a digital presence is a key to success.

The same is true for schools too, and having a well-structured and updated website is crucial. The Internet has facilitated easy access to information. We now prefer to get updates and information over the Internet rather than physically visiting the school.


To be able to keep up with the changing times and demands, schools must opt for better ways to facilitate interaction and engagement online. Best practice school websites are important because they represent the image of the school. Having a strong digital presence helps in developing the brand presence of the school. Parents are likely to send their children to schools that promote digital and technological advancements and offer a modernized way of learning.

Web design for schools is a vital branding opportunity. Through the school website, you can clearly put out the school’s vision and goals to the public. It’s a way to show what the school offers and its accomplishments. Parents are more inclined towards schools that have brand recognition and a strong digital presence. They prefer to send their children to an institution where digitization is promoted and children are made familiar with the advanced technologies.

While web design for schools is important, designing the website properly is a significant task. A poorly designed and structured website is likely to draw negative feedback which is not great for brand presence. Since the primary purpose of the website is communication and interaction, the website must be user-friendly and easy to operate.

Here are 4 Key Features that a school website should have:

  • Simple Layout

Since the website is most likely to be visited and accessed by students and their parents, a simple layout is key when designing a school website. They are on your website to browse important information concerning their academics and therefore would appreciate simple and direct access to it. You do not need to create flashy and complex layouts, it makes information less digestible.

  • Unique Web Design

Aesthetic and accessibility are two important aspects of web design, and a simple layout can be both aesthetic and accessible. Website design is the first thing noticed by visitors on your website. The web design for schools highly determines how the school is perceived by the visitors. The colors, fonts, and logo used in the website hold significance and must be decided accordingly to the school’s vision and presence. Make sure your web designer uses fonts and colors that represent your school’s essence and vision accurately.

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  • Separate Sections

Schools have a lot of information to store and manage at the same time, which can be overwhelming for visitors. Therefore, an ideal school website must have separate sections that hold categorized information. This will enable the visitors to access the related information directly from the particular section of the website. This is a smart and time-saving management system.

  • About Us Section

This is a very important feature that helps in creating a strong impression and allows the opportunity to tell your story first-hand. Make sure you have a separate page dedicated to talking about the school’s history and achievements over the past years. The page can also have an alumni section where you appreciate and boost former students’ achievements. The student life on your campus can also be represented through pictures and videos that can be featured in an ‘About Us’ section. All of this can give a brief summary of the quality learning experience at your school.

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Bottom Line:

Web design for schools should have features that initiate engagement and improve the school's brand presence. A website is the face of the school in the digital world and should be well-maintained. We at Revize Schools help to achieve the ideal website for your school. You can get a personalized web design that adheres to the essential features., and stands out from the crowd. Get in touch now for a new and improved school website.

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4 Essential Features of a School Website

Check out the 4 essential features of a school website. Learn the importance of web design for schools, and how you can achieve the ideal website for your school too.