Powerful Education Web Apps

Revize websites come with Engagement Web Applications that allow students, teachers, parents, and administrators to be part of their education system and participate more at school!

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Career Center

Looking to hire a new Biology teacher? Our Career Center allows you to create and post job openings in minutes. Start by creating fillable forms, directing those forms to the right department, and track them all in one system. You'll soon find that wonderful teacher you've been looking for all summer.

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Document Center

By using our Document Center, you can save thousands on printing documents by uploading them for everyone online. This gives teachers and students the ability to access documents like homework, syllabi, and reference materials from anywhere

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The South Lyon Community School District has used Revize for years for all of our website needs. Revize worked closely with us on our website redesign, and they were extremely professional and helpful with the redesign. For a school district such as ours, Revize brought to the table the knowledge and foresight of what our website needed to meet industry requirements and standards and to be mobile friendly and ADA compliant!

― Barbara Elliott, Admin Assistant

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The Revize e-notify application allows visitors on your site to stay updated without having to visit your site everyday. Users can also sign up for email and text alerts based on their areas of interest within your site. By using e-notify, you can be sure that information is getting to those who need it fast.

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FAQ Center

Frequently asked questions make it easy for users to find answers to commonly asked questions without having to call or email, and without having to wait for a reply. Watch the calls drop as visitors easily find answers to their own questions on your website, leaving your staff to focus on the important issues at hand.

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School Alerts

Snow days, power outages, and emergencies happen. Our school alerts allow you to easily update and inform users of what's going on at your school, right away.

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School Calendar

With our School Calendar, you can post class schedules, upcoming school board meetings, sporting events, and even cafeteria menus. You can also easily export calendar information so students, teachers, and parents can stay up-to-date with the click of a button.

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School Directory

Our School Directory allows you to create and maintain a searchable staff directory. This helps visitors contact who they want directly without having to get transferred from department to department. Listings can be added, removed, and categorized by non-technical staff in a simple table interface.

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Photo Gallery

A picture is worth a thousand words and is a proven way to increase the amount of time people spend on your website. Our photo gallery makes posting photos simple. It's great for showcasing photos or videos of sporting events, graduations, and other great student activities.

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Google Maps

Our system allows you to seamlessly integrate with Google Maps. Having this integration with a powerful tool like Google Maps allows you to direct people to the stadium, the admission's office, gymnasium, and parking locations. Create your own map overlays to make it easier to navigate your campus.

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